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The birth of a new society
needs the death of the old

All division is the ground of all conflict.

All conflict. Man and woman, man and man, brother against brother, father against son. Conflict is guaranteed when we divide.

We have given birth to the ground from which all conflict arises.

From which all conflict must arise.

And yet paradoxically and in the greatest of unrecognised stupidities, we actually have evolved to come to value and place our sense of security in divisions.

In every area of our lives.

We find security in divisions nationally, religiously, ideologically, politically and financially, to name a few.

We have found such security as this for so long, from the birth of all time, that we now automatically function this way and we seem to hold no possibility for consideration of any other way of life.

We are a cursed race, and the curse of our people, are our very own actions.

We seek security in what brings our lives to insecurity.

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