24th May 2024

I’ve been sharing and showing the vast majority of that information for a very long time.

Those that have been here a while were likely nodding along saying “yep, yes, yep” throughout most of it, and the newer members must have been, like, “WHOA”!

Point is, I’ve been trying to lay this groundwork for a very long time to prepare you for what’s coming.

And I believe it’s here.

We KNOW we are in The Storm, the Storm of declass we’ve been expecting for so long.

The deep exposure of the [cabal] and [their] militant [ds] assets and all the evil [they] have perpetrated across the globe for thousands of years.

And as we we’ve discussed, and as QSR mentioned, all the way back to prior to the Annunaki.

I’ve told you before that Trump was placed and ensured election by the WH Military and the protection of him and his family through this process.

And this process is ugly.

They placed Trump not only because he couldn’t be bought or bribed, and because they knew based on his background and lineage he would never fold like so many of our leaders have before, or be assassinated like Lincoln and JFK, and the attempt on Reagan.

I’ve shown you the 9 times the [ds] attempted to assassinate Trump beginning the first time over Whidby Island in Washington State on first trip to meet with Kim Jon Un in Singapore, with two missiles fired from the stolen Richard B Russell submarine from Mayport Naval Station in Jacksonville in 1997, under bill [clinton], by the [cia].

Remember, that sub was the most powerful communications sub in the world, and was to be decommissioned when it was stolen.

Just by the way, Trump’s Storm tweet is and would be irrelevant.

The Storm is truly upon us.

The epic D5 declass Q promised us early on.

Have no plans today to go into QSR’s posts and discuss each topic because I’ve already done all that, that information is all here, and the TG search feature works great.

As QSR said, it’s time now to get serious in getting prepped for this last phase, because it truly is about to get bumpy. Trump told you last night in the Bronx.

Remember too, you are far ahead of the vast majority of those people there last night…most of which having no idea what they were being told.

Remember, Trump told us recently that he expected a potential terrorist even on US soil [cia/mossad] terrorists.

That he expect China Taiwan at any moment as we’ve also been showing you.

These events, tied together, will be our WWIII/IV moment/scare events.

Also, that video below we’ve also discussed as well as the reality of the happenings at Cheyenne Mountain, which I know fairly well from certain projects, since Trump was elected, not just since 2020.


gene Decode

They wanted to use it as a weapon tied to the Ley Lines through HAARPs and put a gravitational compression field on a population in a city or even portal a city.

You’ve got these HUGE PORTALS these things can open up.

So you’re talking about Stargates, Parallel Universes, Wormhole travel.

They were preparing us for an interdimensional invasion.

These Black Nobilities, House of Orange, House of Ovescalchi, a Roman Italy Hungarian bloodline that ran CERN & the DUMBS under it.

That’s like the mother of all DUMBS.

You have to go to that DUMB through a tunnel system of 1,000 km in a submarine coming from Italy & up under the CERN lake.

They wanted to terraform us & the Earth itself.


This Elon Musk is not the Musk from before.

That’s not the same Putin who was in the KGB.

The original Trump is in Cheyenne Mountain.”