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24th May 2024

I’ve been sharing and showing the vast majority of that information for a very long time.

Those that have been here a while were likely nodding along saying “yep, yes, yep” throughout most of it, and the newer members must have been, like, “WHOA”!

Point is, I’ve been trying to lay this groundwork for a very long time to prepare you for what’s coming.

And I believe it’s here.

We KNOW we are in The Storm, the Storm of declass we’ve been expecting for so long.

The deep exposure of the [cabal] and [their] militant [ds] assets and all the evil [they] have perpetrated across the globe for thousands of years.

And as we we’ve discussed, and as QSR mentioned, all the way back to prior to the Annunaki.

I’ve told you before that Trump was placed and ensured election by the WH Military and the protection of him and his family through this process.

And this process is ugly.

They placed Trump not only because he couldn’t be bought or bribed, and because they knew based on his background and lineage he would never fold like so many of our leaders have before, or be assassinated like Lincoln and JFK, and the attempt on Reagan.

I’ve shown you the 9 times the [ds] attempted to assassinate Trump beginning the first time over Whidby Island in Washington State on first trip to meet with Kim Jon Un in Singapore, with two missiles fired from the stolen Richard B Russell submarine from Mayport Naval Station in Jacksonville in 1997, under bill [clinton], by the [cia].

Remember, that sub was the most powerful communications sub in the world, and was to be decommissioned when it was stolen.

Just by the way, Trump’s Storm tweet is and would be irrelevant.

The Storm is truly upon us.

The epic D5 declass Q promised us early on.

Have no plans today to go into QSR’s posts and discuss each topic because I’ve already done all that, that information is all here, and the TG search feature works great.

As QSR said, it’s time now to get serious in getting prepped for this last phase, because it truly is about to get bumpy. Trump told you last night in the Bronx.

Remember too, you are far ahead of the vast majority of those people there last night…most of which having no idea what they were being told.

Remember, Trump told us recently that he expected a potential terrorist even on US soil [cia/mossad] terrorists.

That he expect China Taiwan at any moment as we’ve also been showing you.

These events, tied together, will be our WWIII/IV moment/scare events.

Also, that video below we’ve also discussed as well as the reality of the happenings at Cheyenne Mountain, which I know fairly well from certain projects, since Trump was elected, not just since 2020.


1. Presidents and Former Presidents can be impeached

2. Presidents and Former Presidents can be forced to reveal tax and business records

3. Presidents and Former Presidents lose executive privilege

4. Presidents and Former Presidents lose attorney-client privilege

5. Presidents and Former Presidents can be forced to release private phone records and text messages

6. Presidents and Former Presidents can have their homes raided by the FBI

7. Presidents and Former Presidents can be subpoenaed by partisan committees

8. Presidents and Former Presidents can be repeatedly indicted and arrested

9. Presidents and Former Presidents lose their First Amendment right to free speech

10. Presidents and Former Presidents lose the right to a jury trial

11. VP no longer has authority to question validity of disputed electoral votes

12. The losing party no longer has authority to submit contingent electors when results are disputed

13. Presidents and Former Presidents don’t have Presidential Immunity

In a landmark decision,
the Supreme Court has overturned
the long-standing Chevron doctrine,
fundamentally altering the
balance of power between
the judiciary and federal agencies.

The ruling, which came in the case of
Loper Bright Enterprises et al. v. Raimondo,
Secretary of Commerce, et al.,
marks a significant shift in the balance of power
between the branches of government.

July 1 – 2024

The Chevron doctrine, established in the 1984 case Chevron U.S.A. Inc. v. Natural Resources Defense Council, has long been a source of contention. It granted deference to federal agencies in interpreting ambiguous statutes, effectively allowing unelected bureaucrats to make laws through their regulatory actions.

However, by a 6-3 majority, the SCOTUS has now declared that such power is unconstitutional and goes against the principles of democratic governance.

“Chevron is overruled,” Chief Justice John Roberts wrote in his majority opinion. “Courts must exercise their independent judgment in deciding whether an agency has acted within its statutory authority.”

Chief Justice Roberts, emphasized that the role of interpreting laws and making policy decisions should rest with elected representatives in Congress, not with unaccountable agency officials. The ruling has been hailed by critics of regulatory overreach as a victory for the separation of powers and the rule of law.

SCOTUS Blog reported:

Chevron, Roberts explains, “defies the command of” the Administrative Procedure Act, the law governing federal administrative agencies, “that the reviewing court–not the agency whose action it reviews–is to decide all relevant questions of law and interpret … statutory provisions.

It requires a court to ignore, not follow, the reading the court would have reached had it exercised its independent judgment as required by the APA.”

Chevron’s presumption that statutory ambiguities are implicit delegations of authority by Congress to federal agencies “is misguided,” Roberts explains, “because agencies have no special competence in resolving statutory ambiguities. Courts do.”

Roberts notes that today’s decision does “not call into question prior cases that relied on the Chevron framework. The holdings of those cases that specific agency actions are lawful–including the Clean Air Act holding of Chevron itself–are still subject to statutory stare decisis despite our change in interpretive methodology.”

The decision comes with the concurrence of Justices Thomas and Gorsuch, who added their perspectives, underscoring the constitutional necessity of judicial independence in statutory interpretation.

“Justice Neil Gorsuch, the son of a former Environmental Protection Agency administrator, wrote separately to call Chevron Deference “A grave anomaly when viewed against the sweep of historic judicial practice,” according to “The 1984 decision, he said, “undermines core rule-of-law values ranging from the promise of fair notice to the promise of a fair hearing,” adding that it “operated to undermine rather than advance reliance interests, often to the detriment of ordinary Americans,” the news outlet added.

This is a massive win for the Constitution.
This is a massive win for the American people.

Leftist Laurence Tribe wrote, “Chevron is now overruled. The administrative state just died. The imperial judiciary joins the imperial presidency, relegating Congress to a secondary role except when it legislates with unrealistic specificity and foresight.”

Chevron is now overruled.

The administrative state just died. The imperial judiciary joins the imperial presidency, relegating Congress to a secondary role except when it legislates with unrealistic specificity and foresight.

“For far too long, the Chevron doctrine has allowed D.C. bureaucrats to go unchecked. Today’s SCOTUS ruling restores decision-making powers back into the hands of lawmakers who answer to the American people, not unelected Biden bureaucrats,” Sen. Cynthia Lummis wrote.

For far too long, the Chevron doctrine has allowed D.C. bureaucrats to go unchecked. Today’s SCOTUS ruling restores decision-making powers back into the hands of lawmakers who answer to the American people, not unelected Biden bureaucrats. June 28, 2024

“Goodbye Chevron deference, hello again, Constitution! Unelected bureaucrats cannot make the law, and our courts can once again protect the American people from them,” said Sen. Mike Lee.

Goodbye Chevron deference, hello again, Constitution!

Unelected bureaucrats cannot make the law, and our courts can once again protect the American people from them. — Mike Lee

Ron De Santis weighed in, writing,

“The Chevron doctrine distorted the constitutional separation of powers and helped create the unaccountable, bloated administrative state. This decision is a necessary corrective to decades of wayward constitutional jurisprudence but is, by itself, not enough to restore the proper roles of the federal government’s three branches, which will require Congress to take its obligations under Article I of the Constitution more seriously by using its law-making and spending authority to rein in the federal bureaucracy.”

The Chevron doctrine distorted the constitutional separation of powers and helped create the unaccountable, bloated administrative state.

This decision is a necessary corrective to decades of wayward constitutional jurisprudence but is, by itself, not enough to restore the… — Ron DeSantis


A family fishing company, Loper bright enterprises, was being driven out of business, because they couldn’t afford the $700 per day they were being charged by the national marine fisheries service to monitor their company.

The thing is, federal law doesn’t authorize NMFS to charge businesses for this.

They just decided to start doing it in 2013.

Why did they think they could away with just charging people without any legal authorization?

Because in 1984, in the chevron decision, the supreme court decided that regulatory agencies were the “experts” in their field, and the courts should just defer to their “interpretation” of the law.

So for the past 40 years, federal agencies have been able to “interpret” laws to mean whatever they want, and the courts had to just go with it.

It was called chevron deference, and it put bureaucrats in charge of the country.

It’s how the OHSA was able to decide that everyone who worked for a large company had to get the jab, or be fired.

No law gave them that authority, they just made it up.

It’s how the ATF was able to decide a piece of plastic was a “machine gun”.

It’s how the NCTS was able to decide that a small puddle was a “protected wetlands”.

It’s how out-of-control agencies have been able to create rules out of thin air, and force you to comply, and the courts had to simply defer to them, because they were the “experts”.

Imagine if your local police could just arrest you, for any reason, and no judge or jury was allowed to determine if you’d actually committed a crime or not.

Just off to jail you go.

That’s what chevron deference was.

It was not only blatantly unconstitutional, it caused immeasurable harm to everyone.

Thankfully, it’s now gone.

We haven’t even begun to feel the effects of this decision in the courts.

It will be used, for years to come, to roll back federal agencies, and we’ll all be better of for it.

And that’s why politicians and corporate media are freaking out about it.

Response to Overturning
“Chevron Deference”

We begin with an excellent summation by Spike Cohen which captures the essence of it:“In, Loper Bright Enterprises v. Raimondo, the Supreme Court overturned a 40 year old case called Chevron [Deference] that granted radical levels of power to federal agencies. Spike Cohen explains this case and its importance.

“A family fishing company, Loper Bright Enterprises, was being driven out of business, because they couldn’t afford the seven hundred dollars per day they were being charged by the NMFS, the National Marine Fisheries Service, to monitor their company.The thing is, federal law doesn’t authorize the NMFS to charge businesses for this. They just decided to start doing it in 2013. Why did they think they could get away with just charging people without any legal authorization?

Because in 1984, in the Chevron decision, the Supreme Court decided that regulatory agencies were the “experts” in their field, and the courts should just defer to their “interpretation” of the law.

So for the past 40 years, federal agencies have been able to “interpret” laws to mean whatever they want, and the courts had to just go with it.

It was called Chevron Deference, and it put bureaucrats in charge of the country.

It’s how OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, was able to decide that everyone who worked for a large company had to get the jab, or be fired. No law gave them that authority, they just made it up.

It’s how the ATF, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives, was able to decide a piece of plastic was a “machine gun”.

It’s how the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service, the NRCS, is able to decide that a small puddle is a “protected wetland”.

It’s how out-of-control agencies have been able to create rules out of thin air, and force you to comply, and the courts had to simply defer to them, because they were the “experts”.

Imagine if your local police could just arrest you, for any reason, and no judge or jury was allowed to determine if you’d actually committed a crime or not.

Just off to jail you go.

That’s what Chevron Deference was. It was not only blatantly unconstitutional, it caused immeasurable harm to everyone. Thankfully, it’s now gone.

We haven’t even begun to feel the effects of this decision in the courts.

It will be used, for years to come, to roll back federal agencies, and we’ll all be better off for it.

And that’s why politicians and corporate media are freaking out about it.”

~Spike Cohen

This above summation adequately describes the impact of this decision on so-called Administrative Code and all the related Article I Courts and Tribunals in this country.

The Reign of Bureaucratic Terror unleashed by the Chevron Deference (to “Experts”) Doctrine has been relegated to the dustbin of history, where it belongs, except that such a decision and such a doctrine should have never existed at all, we are well-pleased.

The proposition that the legislative powers of any Congress should be delegated and redelegated by those operating under delegated power themselves is and always has been unacceptable.

This practice has reliably resulted in the Uncle Ernie Scenario in which a task is assigned to one person and then passed on to a different person to perform; the first person to whom the assignment is actually entrusted passes off their responsibility for performance to the second, who has no direct accountability.

In this way, liability is evaded by the first person and accountability is avoided by the second person, and the public interest is disserved throughout.

The various Territorial and Municipal Congresses have been passing off their responsibilities to unaccountable Federal Agencies since the 1880’s, so that faceless, unelected, and largely unaccountable bureaucrats have been writing Administrative Codes and enforcing them as law for over a hundred years–with ever-increasing impunity and corruption.

The break in the dam related to this corruption came last year with another Supreme Court case, “West Virginia v EPA” in which the Justices reiterated a hundred-plus year-old Tennessee ruling in Norton v Shelby County, finding that Congress has no ability to shuffle off its legislative powers to other entities.

The immediate effect is to gut the Administrative Court System and de-fang the various Federal and State-of-State franchise Agencies.

If Congress wants to burden the public they will have to get down to it and do their own dirty work and take responsibility for it from now on. They will no longer have the Agencies to do it all for them, no longer be able to escape their liability by re-assigning their role to unelected bureaucrats.

The unelected bureaucrats will no longer be able to extend their capricious and autocratic rule subject only to their own courts.

A sigh of relief can be heard across the land.

Politically, the court has handed Congress its own head on a platter, and the Executive Branch, too, while significantly increasing its own power and the power of its subordinate “judicial [district]” courts.

This one move has its good points and bad points from an American Public perspective.

The good part is the removal of oppressive bureaucratic and executive powers; the bad part is increased reliance upon courts attached to military judicial districts which were set up in the wake of the Civil War and which are infamously known as “Carpetbagger Courts”.

It is doubtful that this “judicial [district] court system” was ever legal or lawful in the first place.

It was initiated in May of 1865 via the creation of ten new “military districts” covering the eleven defeated Confederate States of States, and was invoked via non-existent emergency powers.

The primary duty of this ersatz judicial [district] court system was to keep order and collect war reparations; it was only required to provide “an appearance of justice” — not actual justice.

The current action can be viewed as the British Territorial Government’s “judicial district court system” knocking off their Municipal Court competition.

It can also be viewed as the British Territorial Government taking a controlling position over the vast Federal Agency structure created by FDR and all the more than 350 three-letter and four-letter Municipal Agencies created in the 1930’s.

It can be viewed as a peremptory move by the court to reign in executive power, also.

There was a reason that FDR created all those “Federal Agencies” — and it was simply to enable him to rule as a despot using “Executive Orders” to run the entire country.

So, the whole Chevron Deference Doctrine that has just been overturned, was only an extension and proliferation of already existing abuses of power and non-existent authorities that began in the Belle Epoch Era after the Civil War –abuses that have continued unabated until now.

The first such inroads began with the Pinkerton Laws extended to the Railroad Corporations allowing them to hire and deploy foreign police contractors in this country, followed by the deployment of U.S. Marshals in the western Territories formed during and after the Civil War.

Then, within twenty years, there began a proliferation of “departmental agencies” such as the Department of Justice, Inc., and the Department of Defense, Inc., operated as undisclosed Territorial Government Subcontractors to defend and protect the District Corporations against the American Public, at the expense of the American Public.

It was during this time period from the 1880s to the 1930’s that various other “government” departments and functions were secretly privatized and farmed out to individual privately owned and operated corporations in the business of providing essential government services.

It was during this period of time that the Federal Reserve System, Inc. came into being and the United States Department of the Treasury, Inc. and the Bureau of Land Management, Inc. and the various state-level Bureaus of Vital Statistics came into being.

These are all private enterprises secretly and deceptively operating under color of law as if they have legitimate government authority, and all of their assumed powers have rested on the same practice of “secondary delegation” of powers that has been overturned in the Loper Bright Enterprises decision.

Please note that the International Monetary Fund, Inc., has operated as the United States Department of the Treasury, Inc., and as the United States Treasury, Inc., since 1924. These, in turn, have been acting in concert with the Internal Revenue Service, Inc. These are all British Crown Corporations.

Meanwhile, the IMF, INC. has operated as the US DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY, INC., and the UNITED STATES TREASURY, INC. and UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC., and so on, in a similar “mirrored” bureaucracy having little or nothing to do with this actual country or our people. These are all Holy Roman Empire Municipal Corporations.

It’s clear that the overturning of the Chevron Deference Doctrine means overturning many of the powers assumed by these incorporated entities and de-legalizing many of the enforcement activities that have been used to purloin property interests and illegally confiscate assets belonging to Americans beginning in the 1880’s.

The so-called “Executive Powers” exercised by FDR and his Successors to accomplish all these evil ends and to benefit from corporate cronyism are similarly overturned by this decision, in that the Executives of the Federal Municipal Corporations can no longer delegate their powers away to these incorporated Agencies.

Like the Territorial and Municipal Congresses, the Presidents are now stuck doing their own dirty work and are liable for the performance and the results.

As Americans, we are pleased, but wary.

The judicial district court system has its own evil history of abuses and it is no accident that Americans who can’t tell you how many doughnuts are in a dozen can still remember the phrase, “Carpetbagger Courts”.

These courts were famous for misaddressing anyone who had anything of value as a “rebel” or “insurrectionist” and then illegally and immorally confiscating their private assets to pay “war” reparations for a mercenary conflict — which is, itself, both illegal and unlawful.

Should we celebrate this power grab by these “judicial” courts? Probably not.

They are not our courts and their history in this country is not at all reassuring.

From the American perspective, we have been at peace since 1814, and nobody should be misidentifying us as part of any foreign citizenry, impersonating us, accusing us, latching upon our assets, misaddressing us, or otherwise presuming anything against us.

From the American perspective, there are no “emergency powers” nor “executive orders” and no “war powers”, either. These phrases and everything attached to them pertain to foreign corporations and their internal operations.

They have nothing to do with the American Public and never did.

Untangling this vast web of semantic deceits and misdeeds, breaches of trust, violation of service contracts, and wrongs visited upon the innocent will take time and effort to unravel.

We are guardedly optimistic about the recent Supreme Court reversal of the Chevron Deference Doctrine. It has many foreseeable good results and is a big step toward restoring sanity both in court venues and in the arena of public administration.

Many of the most egregious abuses will be stopped.

The effect of further empowering military district judicial courts is unknown and unsettling from the perspective of the civilian population and the American Government, which considers the occupation of our country by foreign mercenary forces to be illegal and unlawful and also considers the basis for forming the so-called “judicial district court system” to be lacking.

A British Territorial “United States” Congress ordained these courts via legislative act in 1865, but that is no excuse to impersonate Americans and subject them to foreign law in breach of trust and service contract, just as a Mercenary Conflict does not provide recourse to the Law of War.

If these infamous courts and those running them can be correctly and sufficiently re-educated, justice may return to this country prior to the broad spectrum reopening of our assembly courts. This would certainly be welcome instead of a last-ditch effort to further defraud, brutalize, and mischaracterize Americans on the way out the door — which is the other possible outcome.

Millions of Americans have been impersonated as British Territorial U.S. Citizens and have been illegally presumed upon to pay mortgages and property taxes which they either (1) don’t owe in the first case, or (2) owe, but not in reference to what is owed to them.

A large-scale plan and effort to foreclose on millions of American homeowners and landowners under these false presumptions has been uncovered, and Carpetbagger Courts brought forward into the modern era would certainly be handy and well-practiced in the art of illegal confiscation of assets.

It is our position and purpose to oppose any such activities being carried out against our people and against their lawful persons by British Territorial Mercenary Interests or any other parties and players.

It can be easily observed and historically documented that Americans don’t owe any “National Debt” and don’t owe anything to the Central Banks. Instead, we are the only solvent underwriters.

Unlike our Tory neighbors, we didn’t borrow any money from King George to fight against ourselves in the War of Independence, nor did we mortgage our lands to pay his Successors back for more loans enabling ourselves to fight for His Royal Britannic Majesty in World War I or World War II — which is the source of all those “mortgages” which are owed on British Territorial properties, but not on American properties.

It becomes apparent why there has been such a concerted effort on the part of the British Territorial “U.S. Government” to misidentify Americans as British Territorial U.S. Citizens: they get to collect mortgages and property taxes against U.S. Citizens, not Americans.

Likewise, while Americans may owe them for stipulated services, they owe the Americans an insurmountable debt, requiring them to provide a debt swap “credit exemption exchange” with Americans, but not with British Territorials. This provides another powerful incentive and motivation to secretively impersonate and misidentify Americans as British Territorial U.S. Citizens.

There are millions upon millions of Americans who have been secretly mischaracterized as British Territorial U.S. Citizens, Americans who have been impersonated and who have paid mortgages they didn’t owe, property taxes they didn’t owe, internal revenue taxes they didn’t owe, and franchise taxes they didn’t owe, all because of unconscionable citizenship obligations that were foisted off on them while they were babies in their cradles.

If the purpose of the current action of the U.S. Supreme Court is simply to narrow down the competition to fleece the Americans out of more property, and to shut down the Municipal courts in advance of another unjustifiable assault on us by Territorial Carpetbaggers, then the end of Agency Oppression will be tempered by the onset of Territorial Courts engaged in illegal confiscation and asset stripping similar to what went on after the so-called American Civil War ended.

We have discovered plans outlining such an assault on American homes and land holdings, and also plans by the U.S. Government corporations to hold vast numbers of trials and executions at public expense— actions that will kill large numbers of people, create untold social upheaval, and further traumatize the American victims of all these crimes without, however, coming clean about what has happened here.

We strongly oppose and object to any such destructive course of action from persons who remain our Debtors in fact.

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Med Beds approved?
the Supreme Court’s
quiet Chevron decision

As of July 1st. 2024 …

The Supreme Court has quietly
made a decision that could bring
med beds to the forefront
of medical innovation.

Watch this video to
understand the implications
of this landmark ruling
on the healthcare industry …
… and us!

Click image for video

Biden-Trump Debate

How can I watch the debate?

  Click this link for video
or image above

The first debate will take place on Thursday, June 27, at 9 pm ET. It will be hosted by CNN at the cable network’s studios in Atlanta and will run 90 minutes with only two commercial breaks.

You can watch it live on CNN, Fox News, or ABC, all of which will include full coverage as well as debate analysis before and after.

If you don’t have a cable subscription, you can live stream the debate at the YouTube embed above or on, Max, and Hulu, or watch it on YouTube.

We will carry the debate live stream as well so sign-up for our email subscriptions for an alert when the stream is available.

Who’s moderating the debate?

Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, co-hosts of CNN’s Sunday morning show State of the Union, will serve as moderators.

Which candidates will be on stage?

Biden and Trump are the only presidential candidates who qualified for the debate stage.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. failed to meet the threshold, which required candidates to poll at 15% or higher in four national surveys and appear on enough state ballots that could theoretically push them past the needed 270 Electoral College votes to secure the presidency.

How is this debate different from past debates?

Typically, presidential debates occur in front of a live audience, often in an event space on a college or university campus, and are coordinated by the bipartisan Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD.)

But not this year. Both candidates have said they will not participate in the CPD’s previously scheduled and announced debates, lobbying for earlier matchups.

Instead, Biden and Trump will take part in Thursday’s debate on CNN and then a second in September hosted by ABC News.

What are the rules for the debate?

Trump and Biden
have agreed to the following rules:

Microphones will be muted unless a candidate is directed to speak

Candidates are not allowed to bring prewritten notes or props.

They will receive a pen and paper, as well as a bottle of water

A coin toss determined podium positions and the order of closing statements

According to CNN, Biden’s campaign won the coin toss and chose the podium to the viewers’ right.

As a result, the Trump team chose to deliver the final closing statement of the evening.


World intelligence assessments;


This comes after the release of Julian Assange before the debate and directly after the debate the U S. Supreme court intervening against

The Department of Justice ruling on January 6 political prisoners , therefore releasing hundreds of political prisoners and EXPOSING an unjust JUDICIAL SYSTEM.

(The coming lawsuits against Biden, DOJ and FBI in the behalf of the J6 political prisoners WILL EXPOSE the deep state operations connected to a MILITARY COUP against Donald J Trump.

The coming lawsuits WILL bring evidence into the light of full corruption of the CIA Pentagons involvement of military COUP connected to all three branches of government and enterprises)

More over it’s becoming clear that a MASSIVE World alliance OPERATIONS is taking place as Trump confirms that Russia China and North Korea will not be enemies if he is re-elected as President.

(Several sources as Q The Storm Rider have made these statements years ago, that Trump. Putin.XI. Modi Bin Salman plus BRICS Nations were all working together and would make a peace pac and a secure financial world future of a gold/ precious metals and commodity back system that would destroy the CIA/Rockefellers/Rothschild/Federal reserve Fiat system and world banks money laundering operations)

The FAKE Presidential debate was military world COMMS that showed the world deep state cabal that the U S. Is under Military control of Devolution operations leading to 11.3 operations

(The STAGING was to let the deep state know
that the military alliance can
stage the world’s biggest debate


Major Industry
disruption coming:

  Nuclear energy

Healthcare Software

Fintech (crypto)

Genomics (Bioengineering)




These are the fields that will face massive disruptions.

Now that the C-Doc has been revoked cures that have been put on the backburner can be released exponentially fast.

New medical tech can be developed without the bureaucratic red tape.

The Chevron Doctrine stems from the 1984 Supreme Court case Chevron U.S.A., Inc. v. Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc.

It established a legal test for determining when courts should defer to a government agency’s interpretation of a statute that it administers.

The Chevron Doctrine was this little legal nugget that basically said, “Hey, courts, if Congress wrote a law that’s as clear as mud, just trust the agency in charge to figure it out.

It was like giving the keys to the kingdom to federal agencies, allowing them to interpret laws as they saw fit.

Now, imagine a world where big, bad monopolies on medical technology (like those pesky med beds) were running amok, crushing innovation under their tyrannical heels.

The Chevron Doctrine was like their best buddy, helping them keep their iron grip on the market.

You see, with the Chevron Doctrine in place, these monopolies could lobby the agencies to interpret laws in their favor, effectively blocking any upstarts from entering the scene with their fancy new med beds or other medical marvels.

It was like a legal shield, protecting them from the harsh winds of competition.

Think about all the sci-fi ideas over the last 10-15 years you have been hearing about.


  1. Neural interfaces for direct mind-computer connection

  2. Holographic displays and augmented reality contact lenses

  3. Teleportation devices for instant travel

  4. Nanobots for medical treatment and bodily enhancement

  5. Anti-gravity vehicles and personal flying suits

  6. Replicators that can materialize any object

  7. Time manipulation devices

  8. Invisibility cloaks or fields

9  . Artificial general intelligence indistinguishable from humans

  10. Memory editing and implantation technology

  11. Consciousness uploads to software

12. Genetic engineering for bio-design with enhanced humans

  13. Fully immersive virtual reality worlds

  14. Faster-than-light space travel


This is just a rough list of things you can expect to start major production.

This is one of the reasons why I think Donald Trump put out that warning to the Deep State.

Because the only way all of this can go into production in earnest is once we do a massive illegal immigrants sweep across the country.

Then as that is happening you will start to see a fast-track of revolutionary innovation across all industries in record time.

You are about to experience the debut of America 5.0.

This is why you all feel this lethargic drag everyday you wake up because we have parasites living among us who are not supposed to be here.

Which is why everything has this slow pace to it.

And it messing with you mentally.

Which is why people are reaching their breaking point.

Why do you think you are always seeing videos of people in their vehicles talking about how hard things are?

How challenging life has become?

How much financial hardships they are going through?

Because we have strained our system to benefit people who are not adding anything to it.

And the burden is falling on Americans and the weight had become unbearable.

Not anymore

This 5 month transition period into next year will see massive changes.

The Chevron Doctrine has officially opened up the door for a massive breakthrough in that regard.

You are about to see things turned up a notch so be on guard through the remaining months of this year.

Because a lot of people do not want you to have what you are about to receive.







Our fleet of Galactic Federation ships is home to billions of humans and hundreds of alien humanoids such as the Pleiadians, Arcturians, Andromedans, Lyrans, Buenos Draconians and many more…The Galactic Federation of Worlds was founded over 4.5 million years ago to prevent dark interdimensional forces from dominating and exploding this galaxy.

Today there are just over 200,000 star nations and confederations as members.

About 40% are humanoids and the rest are various forms of sentient beings.

Most of the members of the Galactic Federation are fully sentient and benevolent beings.

Long ago, the Emerald Sacred Orders of the Spiritual Hierarchies of this Galaxy forged a Great Spiritual Council of Light.

This sacred entity reached the great Beings of Light who created sacred colonies in the star clusters known as the constellations of Lyra, Cancer and Gemini…

These great Beings finally formed a League of Light, whose current descendant is the Galactic Federation of Light.

The Galactic Federation is also monitored by the Great Blue Lodge of Creation, whose marvelous light emits through this galaxy from an important Stargate located in the Syrian star system.

Syria Star Nation is a proud member of the Galactic Federation.

The Galactic Federation of Light is made up of many humanists from many worlds committed to the cause of helping Earth rise.

They send spiritual guides, who speak through some people in this world, who have a special mission here on Earth.

These people on mission are normal human beings who were born like everyone else; However, your spiritual lineage is not of this world..

These people are workers of light seeds and stars whose spirits originate in various worlds within the Federation, such as Lyra, Sirius, Pleiades, Andromeda Galaxy, and many others.

There are also babies born today whose current bodies are already more evolved than most older humans, and they are known as ‘Indigo Babies or ‘Crystal Babies’.

And finally some souls go “entering”, where the original soul born of a body advances and transcends and a being of light enters the body left behind.

We are always watched over and protected by the Terrestrial Alliance and our non-terrestrial counterparts.


The Galactic Federation of Light is always here with us and has never gone.

From now on, there are only positive possibilities left!

The light has finally overcome the darkness!

Currently Planet Earth is about to be completely liberated, and all men, women and children will be free to live according to the Galactic Code, which means living a positive life with unlimited abundance for all mankind and animal life.


● Peace on Earth…

● The Global Reboot

● The first contact




What you do with the information
that you receive is up to you.

Dissemination and circulation of this message is strongly recommended.

You have free will and free choice, so use it, and most of all listen to what your heart, your soul and your guided spirit tells you, because it holds the truth.

The time has now come to radiate all of these new Powerful Energies on a much much larger scale, bringing only Pure Joy, Healing, Peace, Oneness, Happiness, Freedom, Love, Health, Wealth and Abundance for all life on Planet Earth.





“The case concerns the interchange fees associated with debit card transactions, which generate billions of dollars in revenue for issuing banks.

The regulatory agency, the Board of the Federal Reserve System, promulgated a rule (“Regulation II”) to govern these fees.

Regulation II caps the fees that banks can charge for each debit card transaction.

Petitioners in the case include Corner Post, a convenience store, the North Dakota Retail Association (NDRA), and the North Dakota Petroleum Marketers Association (NDPMA), all of whom accept debit card payments and are thus affected by interchange fees.”

“The Court has decided that the clock starts
for limitations purposes whenever a new
regulated entity is created.

This means that, from this day forward,
administrative agencies can be
sued in perpetuity over
every final decision they make.”




UK Election

You can’t make this up …
how many coincidences
before it becomes impossible?

Reforms 17%
gets them 13 projected seats.

Remember it is a movie to wake people up, to let them see that elections are rigged, Who ever wins, its all part of the movie to expose them what what they have been party too.

The Coronavirus Act 2020 for 2 years was illegal, supporting Charles when Queen officially died (Treason) Fraud Council tax etc system to enslave us – who are they working for – not we the people. House of Commons for the slaves (rigged) House of Lords rewards from Queen, titles, income and protection. Trump’s visit – Queen surrendered (capitulated) 2018. Her

Official death (Movie 2022) Windsor Funeral – Charles gave up his right to the throne – Head of Military broke the contract – everything has to be done right, when you are dealing with a squatter on the throne – who has claimed land, property status and even had her money printed – and ‘commoner’s’ singing God save the Queen for 70 years.

We have no King – so this bunch of clowns pretending to have an election are getting what is coming to them.

For those awake Trump became UK Commandering in Chief CIC as he inspected the guards and sat in Churchills chair in 2018. Everything Royalty owned was put under him.

Commonwealth etc. To work out Trump could do that – it relates to 1871s purchase of Washington and renaming DC and fringing the flag.

America were enslaved. America’s 1776 and our 1215 Magna Carta over ruled.

Charles in his ceremony – pledged to the Magna Carta – note the wording used etc

The Queen from 2018 wore commoners clothes to the opening of Parliament – not the regalia and crown.

We need the movie to show us that.

click image for video

What choice do we have?

Larken Rose


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The Jones Plantation

Larken Rose


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The Tiny Dot

Larken Rose


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How we lose our freedom
one piece at a time.

Your liberty
where do you draw
YOUR line?

End of the day,
until everyone can
answer this question

and then act,
all the rest of the talk is just BS.



The ability to perceive energy is a spiritual awareness.

We can sense the vibration of energy and can thus decide what to align with and what to avoid.

Sometimes our ego changes that spiritual perception by adding a negative judgement to it by deciding it is bad or wrong.

This alters it and drops it from spiritual gift that allows us to join, walk away or challenge, into the duality of 3D energy.

Many of us are now being awakened to different realities.

Deception and corruption are being revealed as part of the evolution taking place for humanity and Earth.

We are remembering the truth of who we are as spiritual beings and releasing all that is not in alignment. This includes letting go of millions of 3D patterns of reality and beliefs we have accepted over lifetimes.

All of humanity is achieving this goal with every step.

We’ve heard many things lately we found unpleasant and some have judged them. We seem to judge people and situations so often, it seems normal.

We can fail to see the part we play in events or accept where we failed to stand up and take responsibility.

We say ‘we didn’t know’.

But if we think about it, we did know a lot!

We are in a different time now on Earth and need to change aligning with negative concepts.

We need to expand our thinking beyond the old fixed boxes and view life from higher perspectives.

Our actions, words and thoughts hold an energy frequency.

As spiritual beings we can sense or know when our words and ideas are focused in light and helping the overall planetary vibration, or when our focus is adding dense negative energy. If we are honest with ourselves, we can easily see if our thoughts are aligned to love, understanding and compassion, coming from the truth of the soul. It is time for us to become our higher level of being.

For some people, what I am about to say may be unreal. But there are many millions who have heard this.

At this stage, we can’t absolutely know if it is true or not, but enough information has been presented that warrants us to consider it as a strong possibility.

The point of bringing it up is it because it is causing an avalanche of negative judgement.

As we know, energy permeates the planet and human consciousness.

I am speaking of an idea that an invasive alien species arrived on Earth long ago and stayed, usurping a great deal of control.

This species is considered more advanced technologically than us, but is devoid of emotion and compassion.

It seems they consider humans to be a lesser species and have no concern about causing us harm.

Some people may feel outraged by this idea, but perhaps our negative reactions could be tempered if we look at the fact that humans also consider many species inferior to themselves, and that it is OK to kill or eat them.

We know when we discover additional factors in certain situations, it can help us see things from a different perspective and change our views.

While it is uncomfortable to consider things from a karmic point of view or from our own possible contribution to events that take place, it may help if we consider our own treatment of ‘inferior species’.

This isn’t a rant from an animal protection group.

While it may not be pleasant, it is an undeniable truth that we could examine in a responsible way and it may lessen our judgement of others.

This is not to make us feel guilty or bad but to help us see a higher perspective and become wiser about decisions we make for our future.

Human consider animals and insects are inferior to themselves.

This appears to make it acceptable to kill them.

This is done for multiple reasons including meat, hide, bones; as trophies in game sports or the testing of chemicals used in cosmetics and drugs.

Most people consider this treatment acceptable and rarely give it moral thought, attention, revision or compassion.

Treated as commodities, many animals are treated inhumanely, being crammed together with little space, natural light or stimuli.

We allow such practices as battery chickens; cattle having throats slit and dying slowly; sheep transported hundreds of miles to be slaughtered in tightly packed cages; deliberate dehydration of animals transported for slaughter; caged birds; laboratory testing for medicines and cosmetics on monkeys, mice, guinea pigs, rabbits, cats, dogs, etc; fish farming; dog and cock fighting; being chained or tied up; debeaking of birds; animals kept in confined spaces; zoos; mental abuse and trauma; abandonment; lack of food, water and shelter; torture and maiming; fur farming; dehorning and puppy farms. We may think we only kill cattle, fish, sheep, pigs, rabbit, chickens, goats, ducks, geese and turkeys but it is far more extensive than that.

We kill bears, tigers, elephants, wolves, foxes, deer, water buffalo, mules, minks, fish, lobsters, prawns and whales. We kill feral animals which include cats, wild dogs, goats, foxes, hares, rabbits, pigs, buffalo, wallabies, kangaroos, donkeys, horses and camels; native and non-native game birds such as quail, guinea fowl, partridge, peafowl, pheasant, spotted dove, turkeys and magpie geese; some native waterfowl black duck, wood duck, chestnut teal, corellas, galahs and ravens.

It varies slightly from country to country but only slightly.

We also have a widespread practice that involves killing any creature that inadvertently gets in our way, such as mosquitoes, ants, spiders, bees, cane toads, wasps, snakes, rodents, bugs, crocodiles, sharks, etc.

You could say that whenever we encounter a realm of life we consider inferior to us, it’s perfectly normal and acceptable to trap, cause pain, harm or kill it. Official figures estimate we kill 70 billion plus land animals a year for food.

If we add the billions of marine creatures, it possibly totals 150 billion each year.

And humanity is generally thought of as a race of caring people with values about injustice and who have strong emotions and compassion to help guide our right action and integrity.

So, it would be reasonable to ask what is the difference between us considering animals and insects as lower forms of life and therefore OK to kill – to another species considering the same of the human race.